Wayne LaPierre has been quite ubiquitous lately.  In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shootings, the heretofore-unknown LaPierre has become somewhat of a media darling.  Actually, “darling” is not the most felicitous characterization; the NRA’s LaPierre has become more of a straw man-in-the-flesh for corrupt media show trials.

From David Gregory paternalistically waving an ammunition magazine in LaPierre’s face to Stephen Colbert’s one-sided mockery, the NRA and it’s vice-president have become the latest focus of the leftist media’s two-minutes-of-hate.  Given the hysteria, the low information populace might come to believe that LaPierre, himself, was behind the shootings that have triggered the gun control debate, but for those that are paying attention, one might come to the conclusion that this attack on the NRA was a planned strategy waiting for a tragedy to exploit.

What we have been witnessing these past few weeks is an Alinsky operation designed to marginalize the NRA and it’s members.  Democrat politicians are taking advantage of gun advocates fears by stating they will make sweeping new laws.  This causes gun rights activists to react in advance and take an adamant stance.

Although the Biden Commission’s recommendations would do nothing to prevent a future Sandy Hook and are mostly illogical, they are not, by any means, sweeping or draconian, but with gun advocates flatly rejecting what appear to be modest proposals, they have become accomplices in their own marginalization. The true goal of the Biden Commission and the political posturing by others is to keep the gun control debate in the forefront of the news cycle, which provides an ongoing premise for the corrupt media to paint the NRA as bumbling extremists.

The left works tirelessly to silence their opposition, but the people, ideas, and movements that cannot be silenced through legislation, the left reflexively employs ridicule and stigmatization.  We have seen this tactic used again and again: Palin Derangement Syndrome, Bush Derangement Syndrome, Breitbart the tape editor, violent-stupid-racist teabaggers, Promise Keeper sexist theocracy, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Michele Bachmann are stupid and racist, etc.  Being the dedicated Marxists that they are, the left is acutely aware of the power of cultural hegemony, and they have created their own hegemonic system that they leverage against their enemies.

Of course, the Second Amendment is the left’s ultimate goal, but  the left seldom attempts sweeping change: incremental-ism is their favored tactic, and one step on the long march toward an outright gun ban is to marginalize the NRA.